Think Progress Recommends Sticking Climate Realists In A Soviet Gulag

Funny how Progressives always seem to resort to a default position of shutting down political opposition, instead of debating them with ideas, facts, and, oh, showing that they themselves live the lives they say everyone else should live. Witness this by “Guest Blogger” Mike Casey at

(Think Progress Green) Currently, fossil fuel industry lobbyists, flacks, allied pundits, and government officials are far too comfortable dismissing concerns about what their pollution does to other people. What if we had a system that required those who are advocating, defending or producing large sources of pollution to be one of the other people? What if they had to drink the dirty water, breathe the polluted air, and have their livelihoods compromised by (their) status quo industries. It wouldn’t be fun for them. But they’d be accountable, deeply accountable, for what they are doing.

I think it’s time to explore what Deep Accountability would look like. I’ll start here, with this Modest Proposal for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Professor Karl Smith. He’s the newest addition to the crowd that believes global climate disruption isn’t a problem because we can all move to the top of the world.

Mike, who represents Tigercomm as president, a company involved with the failed and wasteful use of stimulus money to “weatherize” homes, writes a letter to Alexander Konovalov, Minister of Justice of Russia, and comes up with

With that in mind, I’d like to raise with you an idea I’ve had for a while, one that I call “Deep Accountability.” Under this concept, the foolish and the reckless in American punditry — and they seem to increasing, even as the climate science gets more damning — would be forced to actually sample the realities they advocate for others.

Therefore, I am trying to confirm the viability of an unusual proposal. Would it be possible for my company to pay for the rental of unoccupied space in any of the estimated 476 former Soviet prison facilities, particularly those in northern Siberia? If such space is available, we would like to pay to house Professor Smith for a year or more as a guest of your great country. We are seeking to provide him with a direct experience of the vigorous Siberian climate firsthand, and see for himself what the future home of tens or hundreds of millions of global climate disruption refugees would be like.

Got that? If you don’t believe in the climate change hoax, to be specific, that Mankind is the major or sole cause of hot/cold/wet/dry (and snow, no snow, earthquakes, tsunamis, basically, everything that happens), you should be put in an old Soviet gulag. Nice of the Lefties to show yet again their fascist and dictatorial predilections.

And, yeah, I have the post saved as a text file, in case it disappears into the memory hole, as these types of posts tend to do.

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