This Congressman Doesn’t Know the Constitution

What the heck is that old Constitution thingie, anyway? Does anyone in Congress know? Of course we’ve been railing about those leftist members of Congress who both don’t know anything about the Constitution, nor care a whit about it. But it isn’t just the lefties that don’t know anything about the Constitution.

Here we have a patriotic American schooling Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo (2nd District, New Jersey) on what is contained in Article One of the Constitution. LoBiondo is a Republican.

Sad as it is, it is sort of grimly amusing that LoBiondo started out sounding like a 5th grade child trying to wrack his brain after being asked a question by the schoolmarm. It’s the old, “The Constitution is a particular piece of paper with Constitutiony things in it, intended to act as a Constitution” sort of answer that Congressman LoBiondo started out with.

But the sad fact of the matter is that the Constitution matters to few members of Congress all too often. Certainly the Republicans do try to take it into account more than the left does — which is no trick because there isn’t a Democrat in office today that cares at all about the thing. But the fact that when confronted about the actual Constitution not even most Republicans can answer simple questions about it is infuriating.

As HotAir noted this is why it is a good idea to support the movement to add to every new bill the specific section of the Constitution that empowers Congress to allow them to pass that bill into law.

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