Today’s Unhinged, Insane, And Over The Top Discoure Comes Via The Washington Post

Kimberly Kindy and Phillip Rucker prove one again why Prozac should be mandatory in all Liberal news rooms, and that mommy and daddy should be kept around so that the reporters read all their homework, not just the stuff they agree with. This really reads more like it was written in the moonbat-o-sphere: Giffords’s border district symbolizes the heat of Arizona politics

The congresswoman’s grueling path to reelection took her from her Tucson base across the barren high desert, through an empty expanse of tumbleweed and mesquite trees, to this dusty town at the Mexican border that has come to symbolize the tinderbox of Arizona politics.

Sounds more like Kimberly Kindy (is that a porn star name….alright, alright, I’ve slapped myself on the wrist for that one) has been reading too many of those books with Fabio on the cover.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords returned here on a sweltering day last June to gather footage for her campaign advertisements. A moderate Democrat in a classic swing district, she walked a main street where American flags hang outside shoe stores and barber shops. A voice-over emphasized her strengths: independence . . . courage. . . integrity.

The camera rolling, a man stormed out of the Gadsden Hotel, a historic landmark. He screamed that Giffords was about to get “thrown out” of office, creating such a scene that police intervened.

“He began viciously, verbally attacking Gabby,” said Jason Ralston, Giffords’s Washington-based consultant directing the action. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Really? Never? How about an elected Congressmen almost yelling at a constituent, and insulting her? How about this unhinged, and violent, Democrat supporter? How about this liberal who assaults a Human Rights reporter? Interestingly, after 15 minutes of searching, I can’t seem to find the aforementioned verbal attack anywhere, particularly with video. I did find this, though

As thunder rolled over the University of Arizona South administrative building, Giffords verbally lashed out against her Republican opponent, Jesse Kelly, who defeated the perceived GOP establishment candidate, Jonathan Paton, in Tuesday’s primary.

But never once did she call Kelly by name, instead calling him “that guy” or “this guy” or “my opponent.”

Not very civil, eh? Back to the two little WP moonbats

The man channeled his anger toward Giffords, but this was about much more than a lone congresswoman. He seemed to give voice to the long-simmering frustrations and passions in southern Arizona that boiled over during Giffords’s hard-fought 2010 campaign.

Yet, the two romance book writers can only come up with a few examples, none of which match the unhinged, threatening, and violent rhetoric from liberals over the past 10 years.

The atmosphere created a sense of foreboding long before the Jan. 8 massacre at a Tucson strip mall where Giffords was meeting with constituents. Since the shootings, the co-founder of the Tucson Tea Party has endured death threats and hate mail that required law enforcement assistance, including a verbal threat made Saturday at a community gathering that included one of the shooting survivors.

Hmm, so, it seems that they did notice that Democrat/Liberal discourse since the shooting has actually had consequences. And the two offer up more from the insane, and violent, left, over the following two paragraphs. Funny how they don’t mention that the verbal threat was actually a death threat, and made by one of the survivors, J. Eric Fuller, who apparently has bought into the wacko blamestorming discourse from the liberals post shooting.

The rest of the story mentions how strong emotions run, especially over illegal immigration, something most Democrats refuse to stop.

Street signs saying “Giffords FORCED Obamacare on YOU” popped up at major intersections. Talk radio personality Garret Lewis devoted his three-hour show each day to Giffords, calling her a “puppet” of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and accusing the Arizonan of “masquerading as a border conservative.” At debates, angry spectators booed and shouted over Giffords and Kelly so loudly that the candidates sometimes could not be heard.

Big meanies! How dare you act in that way. Just because you are upset that the Democrat led Congress is ignoring the problems at the border and passing legislation that will damage your health care is no reason to speak out. Looks like Kindy and Rucker had a narrative, and made sure to mostly stick to it.

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