Tucker Carlson UTTERLY DESTROYS Smug College Student on Trump & Environment [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson UTTERLY DESTROYS Smug College Student on Trump & Environment [VIDEO]

College students tend to be naive, extremely liberal and stupid. It doesn’t help that on campus, they’re treated to trigger warnings and safe spaces. But once they stumble out into the real world, far away from their coddling professors and insulated environment, they tend to make fools of themselves. Just ask the guy who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show.


Gray Leonard is a student at American University and this special snowflake is angry. Why? Because school trustee Gary Cohen took a meeting with Donald Trump. Cohen didn’t say anything to indicate that he supports Trump, nor is he walking around campus in a “Make American Great Again” hat. He just met with Trump, which sent Leonard into a sputtering rage. Cohen is also the president of Goldman Sachs, which likely sealed his fate among the spoiled crybabies on campus. So Leonard wants Cohen fired.

It costs $62,000 a year to go to American University. Think about that while you watch this video.

One of the things Leonard is whining about is that tuition at American University is just too expensive, which is just unfair and of course is all Cohen’s fault. But Leonard could have chosen to attend a public university rather than a private one if he was really that worried about the price of tuition and avoiding, as Leonard calls it, “lifelong debt.” And while Leonard wants Cohen fired, he fails to realize that Cohen isn’t paid by the university — Cohen, in fact, pays the university out of his own pocket to be a trustee.

But it only gets better. Leonard also complained about Cohen’s “collaboration” with Big Oil. Carlson rightly called Leonard a hypocrite, to which Leonard responded that Carlson was “reaching a bit far” to expect him to live by the standards he espouses.

Someone really should tell these idiot college students that they should maybe do a little bit of research outside of their little college bubble before they go onto national television and make fools of themselves.

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