Two on San Francisco

Geez Frisco, lighten up“.

S.F. doesn’t realize that social legislation is like garlic. Used sparingly, it can provide a useful kick to a dish. Overused and it makes people run away every time you open your mouth.

San Francisco goldfish ban exposes the pathology of America’s bourgeois liberal nutjobs“.

The goldfish ban might seem like a silly story, but it does expose several liberal pathologies. There’s that fear of pain and cruelty — things that should be mitigated but never eliminated lest we forget their educational value. An important part of growing up is buying a goldfish, rushing home, putting it in the bowl, giving it a name and then two days later finding it floating upside down covered in fin rot. Flushing Albert down the lavatory is some kids’ first introduction to the important life lessons of “death” and “getting a refund”.

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