Uh Oh: Progressives Are Going To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

It’s challenging to fathom what more progressives want for America, but they’re not satisfied. They want MORE. They want more government, bigger government and they want President Obama to be an out and proud progressive.

I’m not surprised that they’re not happy. These are the folks who make their stock in trade victimhood. As long as there’s one person living a persecuted existence there will be some distressed, outraged liberal wanting to create a government problem to take away the pain. Why won’t President Obama take away the pain? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhy?

Here’s a little taste of the latest liberal cry-fest:

“We thought that an election was a victory. What we forgot was that candidates don’t deliver change,” she said. “While I voted for Barack Obama and I’d vote for him again, he is not enough. When we don’t push him to say that the handling of BP has been atrocious at best . . . we don’t wish to discredit their leadership, but we want to raise our expectations.”

By seeking bipartisanship, Huffington said, Democrats have made too many concessions on legislation. She invoked the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by saying bipartisanship resulted in lax government oversight of BP. “We are seeing bipartisanship,” she said. “Washing on the shores of Louisiana every day we see more pictures of pelicans and dolphins covered in bipartisanship.”

Yep. That’s the problem Arianna. So much bipartisanship. The party needs to go MORE left. Thhaaaaat’s the ticket.

Where are they going to pick up these liberal progressives, anyway? Right now, Democrats are running away from President Barack Obama’s liberal policies. Of course, Dems always lie to get elected. No one wants to hear about those big government programs that aren’t working.

Here’s what I’m wondering. What will Congress be like with more out and proud neo-communists and more out and proud neo-Constitutionalists? Will they find common ground or will there just be a big stalemate? I for one, wholeheartedly embrace a completely stuck government, doing nothing–once all these atrocious bills get neutered and/or reversed.

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