Understanding How The Left Thinks: It’s Not About What’s True; It’s About Who’s On Offense

One of the things you’ll learn in dealing with the professional Left is that they have absolutely no ethics whatsoever when it comes to dealing with conservatives. They’re perfectly content to smear us, lie about us, or silence us in any way that they can get away with. It’s very much an “end justifies the means” mentality. Most conservatives who are used to dealing with the Left, understand this on an instinctive level. However, they still sometimes miss the big picture.

Take the Tucson massacre, for example. Was this a win or a loss for the Left? You may think it was a loss because every claim the Left made was thoroughly and effectively debunked. There was zero evidence that Jared Lee Loughner was motivated in any way, shape, or form by anybody on the Right. There was nothing, and I mean nothing, that connected the shooting to Palin, Limbaugh, Levin, Fox News, etc., etc. Polls show that the American people agree with that assessment.

Here’s the thing: You may see it as a loss, but to the Left, it was a tremendous win.


Because they got to spend two weeks making wild, completely unsupported attacks on conservatives. They got to be on offense, while conservatives were on defense. Moreover, yes, their lies were refuted, but did it hurt them? Maybe a little bit, on the meta-level. They lost some credibility. But, look at what they gained:

Fully 35 percent of the public now believes that Palin’s months-old, otherwise extremely obscure midterm map with the crosshairs on it is not only linked to this case but that it actually bears some culpability for Loughner’s mania. So egregiously unfair is that result that even the solidly left-wing Salon writes of it, “that number should be 0 percent.”

Fully 56 percent of Democrats think the map is at least somewhat to blame, and even 12 percent of conservatives think it bears a “great deal” of responsibility. Tea partiers aren’t immune from the disinformation either.

That’s the core of her base, and even 16 percent of these people think there’s some sort of culpability. Not surprisingly, the less education you have, the more likely you are to be misinformed.

You may say, “How can that be? There turned out to be absolutely no proof Palin was involved.”

Here’s how this works: It’s not about facts or proof. It’s about repeating the words “Palin” and “massacre” as often as possible in the same sentence. If you do that enough, then a certain percentage of people who don’t really pay attention to the news will draw the inference the Left wants, regardless of the facts. Since the Left controls almost every newspaper in the country and all the news networks except Fox, this is a plausible strategy. It’s also a completely ethics-free strategy that’s based on deceit, but again we get back to “the ends justify the means.”

To liberals, it isn’t about truth or the facts, it’s about who’s on offense. If you understand that, you start to understand how the game of politics is really played at the highest levels.

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