Use Of FISA Warrants Jumps Under Obama

Anyone notice the major media screaming about the Obama administration violating the rights of Americans? The following Wired post was published on May 6th. So, far, all quiet on the moonbat front: Domestic Surveillance Court Approved All 1,506 Warrant Applications in 2010

The secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved all 1,506 government requests to electronically monitor suspected “agents” of a foreign power or terrorists on U.S. soil last year, according to a Justice Department report released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The two-page report, which shows about a 13 percent increase in the number of applications for electronic surveillance between 2009 and 2010, was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists and published Friday.

“The FISC did not deny any applications in whole, or in part,” according to the April 19 report to Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

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The 11-member court denied two of 1,329 applications for domestic-intelligence surveillance in 2009. The FBI is the primary agency making those requests.

The targets of a FISA warrant may never learn of the surveillance. Whereas subjects of non-FISA warrants may challenge the warrants and the evidence gathered if it is used in a criminal prosecution.

OK, Liberals, time to stand up and protest this violation…what’s that? You’re cool with domestic surveillance of Americans “who may never learn of the surveillance” because Los Federales received a warrant? How would you act if Bush was president?

Aftergood notes that the figures, whether they amount to rubber-stamping or not, do not account for the warrantless monitoring program President George W. Bush adopted in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks. Under the Terror Surveillance Program, exposed in 2005 by The New York Times, the government conceded it was eavesdropping – without warrants – on the electronic communications of Americans if they were communicating with somebody overseas believed linked to terrorism.

Um, no. If one of the targets was an American citizen, they got a warrant.

The Justice Department report, meanwhile, said the FBI issued 24,287 “national security letter” requests last year on 14,212 people, “a substantial increase from the 2009 level of 14,788 NSL requests concerning 6,114 U.S. persons,” Aftergood wrote in a blog post. In 2008, there were 24,744 requests regarding 7,225 people.

So, the Obama admin. is spying on more Americans? Can we expect the Usual Liberal Groups to go on TV foaming at the mouth, denouncing this violation of civil rights, shredding the Constitution? Getting out in the streets protesting, filling out petitions, and writing furious blog posts and op-eds? Democrat Congress critters telling us how bad this is? Bueller? Bueller? Beuller?

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