Washington Post Totally Wants Redskins To Change Name, ‘Cause Hurtful

This is something that is Very Important in Liberal World, so much so that the Washington Post Editorial Board must chime in

Change the Washington football team’s insulting name

LEGAL SCHOLARS raised intriguing questions Wednesday after a federal judge ruled that Washington’s pro football team could no longer trademark the name “Redskins.” Issues of freedom of speech were debated. Precedents including Confederate flag license plates and a rock group calling itself “The Slants” were cited.

All very interesting, as we say. But the question that first occurred to us, as we listened to team executives once again rise to the defense of the team’s offensive name, was: Do they really not get it? The glory of their history, the passion of their fans, the purity of their hearts — none of that matters any more.

U.S. District Court Judge Gerald Bruce Lee was affirming what everyone knows: “Redskins” is a slur. You would not dream of saying it, face to face, to a Native American, so why do team officials think it is okay for a football team? The name is going to have to change, and the sooner team owner Dan Snyder puts himself on the right side of history, the better it will be for everyone.

By “right side of history”, they mean people who have butthurt and A Cause, yet, this same editorial board doesn’t seem too concerned about Sanctuary cities, states/cities that allow the use of marijuana, etc. See my previous post. It is interesting that the beliefs and feelings of those who support the Redskins is completely immaterial to the WPEB, as the WPEB is telling these people how to think. Shades of 1984.

As for “what everyone knows”, perhaps the WPEB should have read their own paper

A large but shrinking majority of Americans say the Washington Redskin sshould not change their team’s name, according to a poll released Tuesday finding over two-thirds of the public does not think the name is disrespectful of Native Americans.

Public opinion continues to be lopsided in favor of keeping the name, with 71 percent saying it “should not” be changed in the new poll conducted for ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” which broadcast a special report on the name controversy Tuesday night.

And, this headline

Only 14 percent want the Redskins to change their name

It’s not like 90% of American Indians do not find the term offensive, ya know. Oh, wait, 90% of American Indians don’t actually find the term offensive.

No matter what a court eventually determines about the ability of the team to peddle its gear, the damage caused by using a hurtful name will continue.

United State Of The Offended. Too many people getting butthurt over things that actually do not involve them, that aren’t about them. The editorial would have a bit more weight if there were any Native Americans sitting on the board.

The Redskins should declare themselves a Sanctuary Team.

From the comments

Opposition to the name Redskins for a football team is nothing more than bourgeois moralizing. The opponents of the name could care less about the plight of Native Americans. They will not lift a finger to better their condition. They will Tweet and hashtag and Facebook how outraged and offended they are. . .but that is all. When the people are willing to give up their real estate and return to the land of their ancestors and restore Native Americans in their birthright that is the entirety of North America. . .then I will respect that they have the courage of their convictions.

Boom. And so many of those who claim they are Offended will still watch, attend, and broadcast the games. And purchase team goods.

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