Washington Post: What’s Up With You Righties And American Exceptionalism?

You right wingnuts keep using that phrase, and Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post has a problem with that

Is this a great country or what?

“American exceptionalism” is a phrase that, until recently, was rarely heard outside the confines of think tanks, opinion journals and university history departments.

But with Republicans and tea party activists accusing President Obama and the Democrats of turning the country toward socialism, the idea that the United States is inherently superior to the world’s other nations has become the battle cry from a new front in the ongoing culture wars. Lately, it seems to be on the lips of just about every Republican who is giving any thought to running for president in 2012.

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Is this really a part of a “culture war”? No. American exceptionalism is simply a notion that Liberals really hate. Ask a liberal what their favorite country is overall (I have to add the “overall”, because, otherwise, Liberals will hem and haw and ask “by what measure?”), and they will deflect and spin and their faces will turn a very interesting shade of violet red.

Rarely will you hear the phrase “Is this a great country or what?” from a Liberal, except in a manner meant to tear America down.

Karen then provides many examples before going to

Some, however, wonder whether Obama’s conservative critics are sounding an alarm about the United States’ place in the world – or making an insidious suggestion about the president himself.

Oooooooh, insidious. I’m surprised she didn’t work racism into the mix.

One has to wonder where this opinion piece on the regular pages came from. It’s not really news. Looks more like random musings from a pissed of liberal over those right wing extremists and their America Rocks! talking points and just HAD to get it off her chest, otherwise, her head would explode. Reminds me of that 2006 WP story on Maryscott O’Conner, a liberal blogger who was so unhinged over Bush and Cheney that she had trouble sleeping, and would get up, light a smoke and grab a non-alcoholic beer, and decide what to go bat guano crazy over at the website My Left Wing.

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