Washington Post Writer Who Lied About Rush Gives B*tchy Apology

In case you missed it, the WP’s Alexandra Petri wrote on the 7th

Advertisers learned something about Rush Limbaugh’s demographic this week. “Here we thought lots of pleasant, upstanding people were listening to and enjoying the rational things Rush had to say,” dozens of companies said. “Apparently not.” It turns out that people who really, truly still enjoy Rush Limbaugh’s show are – how do I put this? – jerks.

In her story, she claimed that his show picked up “AshleyMadison.com, the site where you go to cheat on your wife, and another website that is explicitly for sugar-daddy matchmaking.” Rush called her out, saying “it’s an out-and-out lie complete with your b-i-itchy opinion in it, and it is untrue.” The same article basically stated that all Rush listeners were jerks (Dan Reihl has more).

Today, she is whining like a 5 year old told she can’t have a toy, and, unshockingly, uses the old liberal “it was humor” defense

….Whenever their ads claw their way onto a local radio station carrying Rush, Rush says, he contacts the relevant authorities immediately and has them pried off. To say that these are the companies he keeps would be misleading. They might like to be. But Rush has prevented them.

Still, the whole point of the piece was that the people most eager to be associated with Rush Limbaugh’s show are – well, advertisers seeking jerks. This has not changed.

Look, the longer this goes on, the less it sounds like an apology. And it should be.

So, instead, she doubles down

Speaking of jerks. Limbaugh listeners, I am sorry for calling you jerks yesterday. Yesterday I had no proof. I should have waited until today, when your phone calls and tweets (“Ivy league preppy elitist no talent hack”) gave me ample evidence.

See? It’s your fault that she lied and you called her out, Rush listeners.

Look, I am a humor blogger, unaccustomed to being denounced on the radio. All my writing appears beneath a caricature of me looking like a pleasant oval who has had too much caffeine. The caption says I “put the pun in punditry.”

Ah. Humor blogger. Gotcha. So, since I often blog about the humorous idiocy of the globull warming issue, I could call you, by your own liberal standards, an ObamaWhore*, and get away with it? And not have to apologize? I could denigrate Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelious, and other Democrat women? Can’t have it both ways, Alexandra and other liberals. Which way do you want it?

*it’s a sad commentary on today’s society that I actually have to explain that it was an allegory, and that I’m not actually calling her an ObamaWhore.

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