Western Washington Snowflakes Admit They’re Horrible People

The Daily Beast’s Robby Sauve brings us this story of pure Special Snowflake Syndrome, where the inmates are demanding to run the asylum

The College That Wants to Ban ‘History’

Students at Western Washington University have reached a turning point in their campus’s hxstory. (For one thing, they’re now spelling it with an ‘x’—more on that later.) Activists are demanding the creation of a new college dedicated to social justice activism, a student committee to police offensive speech, and culturally segregated living arrangements at the school, which is in Bellingham, up in the very northwest corner of the state. (snip)

WWU’s student-activist community—the frightening-sounding Assembly for Power and Liberation—made their demands public earlier this week….

One of those demands is the creation of a school that would train the Special Snowflakes to be Social Justice Warriors. They’re demanding the administration pony up they money for this, and offer no idea as to how. They figure it’s not their problem. If you think I’m kidding, read their manifesto. Furthermore, they are demanding that all those involved with “de-colonial work” be paid. The whole thing is as nutty as you’d expect.

Something stands out more, though

Activists have also demanded the creation of an Office for Social Transformation, which would employ 15 students—young Robespierres in training—for the purposes of monitoring “racist, anti-black, transphobic, cissexist, misogynistic, ableist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and otherwise oppressive behavior on campus.” (Anti-Semitism, one notes, is curiously omitted.)

Interesting. Are these Special Snowflakes admitting that they are basically horrible people? That they are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc? Why the need for this type of totalitarianism if they aren’t? WWU is an extremely liberal school in the first place in a rather liberal area. And these Special Snowflakes are, in fact, horrible people, many of whom will be smacked in the face by the dead mackerel of reality once they leave the colleges and have to enter the real world.

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