When You Truly Need Someone To Do Something Stupid, Look For A Climate Creationist

Starting the day off on a lighter note

A CLIMATE change protester managed to breach security at the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland by making an appointment to speak to an adviser and then glued herself to a desk.

The woman dressed in bank worker-style clothes to avoid detection by police and bank security guards before the stunt yesterday.

An hour later, shortly before noon, up to 150 protesters managed to get past security guards and into the bank’s grounds at Gorgarburn.

They danced round the perimeter of the building while music blared out from a sound system mounted on a bike.

Wait, back up a second. She glued herself to a desk? Seriously? How fetched in the head does one have to be to do that? Unfortunately, neither this story nor any other mention which part of herself she glue, nor if she is hot or a typical unwashed and un-deodorized liberal. They should have emptied the desk, then pushed it into an unused room with the lights out, and left her there for the rest of the day.

Anyhow, these AGW nutters plan a big day of “non-violent protests” on Monday, which is why the police are gearing up and getting ready, because we all know what happens when you get 1,000 or so lefties together.

Dan Glass, a member of the (Camp For Climate Action’s) media team, said: “I think the protests today, especially the woman’s actions, have been brilliant. They were a strong and legitimate form of protest aimed at stopping a higher crime – that of RBS’s role in financing fims who are destroying the environment.

This should end well.

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