WHOA Cowboy! Megyn Kelly And Gang LOSE IT! – As Harvard Student Explains THIS!

WHOA Cowboy! Megyn Kelly And Gang LOSE IT! – As Harvard Student Explains THIS!

Academia has long been a bastion of liberal intolerance. However, in recent years, the institutions that are supposed to serve as beacons of knowledge have taken a radical turn that views dissent as unacceptable and preach anti-American hatred as a form of supposed enlightenment. When a young lady told the tales of Harvard’s unbelievable liberal agenda, neither host Megyn Kelly nor her crew could even believe it.


From Young Conservatives:

We recently told you about a tweet that went viral on the internet about what Harvard student Rachel Huebner had to say about how incredibly liberal Harvard University has become.

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Apparently, the American flag is viewed as an offensive political statement and pro-choice students can’t tolerate even being in the same room as a pro-life student.  Sounds like a fun place.

Megyn Kelly invited Rachel onto The Kelly File to discuss the article she had penned for a Harvard newspaper on the subject and it was pretty shocking.  You’ll notice that even Megyn’s TV crew couldn’t handle the insanity of the situation.

Scary stuff huh?

That’s the country we live in today folks.  Might wanna think twice before your child sends in those college applications.  This could happen to your son or daughter one day.

This is truly shocking, but we should not be entirely surprised.

This is the predictable result of raising a generation of special snowflakes. Conservatives warned about the dangers of validating everyone’s feelings and awarding participation trophies decades ago and such criticism was shrugged-off. “What’s the big deal?” liberal parents questioned.

Now, we have a generation of “adults” who believe that they have a right to exist in a world free from anything that could possibly offend someone.

Worse yet, they have been taught that the way to achieve in this world is to bully anyone who dares disagree with them.

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