Why Isn’t There A Lightbulb Going Off In Frank Rich’s Head?

What is the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Liberalism has more in common with a religious doctrine than a political philosophy because it simply does not change over time. This obnoxious Frank Rich column is the latest evidence of that. Read this paragraph from Rich’s column and ask yourself what a sensible person might conclude from it:

The historian Alan Brinkley has observed that we will soon enter the fourth decade in which Congress – and therefore government as a whole – has failed to deal with any major national problem, from infrastructure to education. The gridlock isn’t only a function of polarized politics and special interests. There’s also been a gaping leadership deficit.

So, government has failed to deal with “any major national problem” for four decades? Ehr…if you really believe that, doesn’t it suggest that the problem is endemic to government and that we should shift as much power as possible away from the government and to the private sector?

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Certainly not to Frank Rich…

One year into Obama’s term we still don’t know whether he has what it takes to get American governance functioning again. But we do know that no speech can do the job. The president must act. Only body blows to the legislative branch can move the country forward.

So after what Rich believes has been 40 years of failure, he just needs the President to act and deliver some “body blows to the legislative branch” to get things working again?

Gee, anybody remember a famous saying? About being crazy? Frank? You remember that one, buddy?

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