Why, No, Charles Johnson Didn’t Toss Everything He Believed In Under A Bus…Oh Wait, I Meant He Did!

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs made a name for himself by writing the premiere anti-radical Islam blog on the planet. Every step of the way, he was accused of being a hateful, anti-Islamic bigot by the Left for daring to criticize radical Islam.

Then Charles Johnson decided to take his blog in a liberal direction and since lefties are generally supportive of radical Islam in the United States, it made his old gig kind of tough to do. It’s like I told Charles in an email that he ignored back in the day,

When your name comes up amongst other conservative bloggers — people tend to think you’re going Andrew Sullivan on us and in a year, you will be just another anti-conservative blog.

What I am trying to get across here, as someone who respects you and thinks you have done very good and very important work, is that you should think about where this is going to ultimately lead one day. You have a lot of friends on the Right who have stood behind you over the last few years. It’s probably not too late to mend fences with them. If that’s not the direction you’re going in, are you trying to change over to a left-wing anti-Islam blog? Could that even work? An anti-religion blog? An anti-conservative blog?

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Of course, it’s old news that Charles Johnson did a full Andrew Sullivan and now hates everyone he used to be allied with. It’s also no secret that what was once the best anti-radical Islam blog on the planet hardly even touches the subject these days. However, Charles Johnson’s position on the Ground Zero Mosque represents the final step in his far-left-wing conversion.

It’s actually kind of ironic. Charles Johnson was a lefty who became one of radical Islam’s biggest foes over 9/11 and now, he’s one of the biggest supporters of what would be radical Islam’s greatest victory since 9/11: The Ground Zero Mosque. Had this mosque come along say, 3 years ago, Charles Johnson would have opposed it with every fiber of his being and LGF would have been THE goto spot for people fighting against it. Today, that honor is held by Atlas Shrugs, which has taken on the role that LGF used to fulfill.

However, the real shocker is not just that Charles Johnson SUPPORTS THE MOSQUE, it’s that he’s actually trashing the 70% of the American people who disagree with him in exactly the same terms that liberals used to apply to him. In other words, he’s now become a radical Islam enabling leftie who screams “bigot” at anyone who thinks exactly the same way he did from 9/11 up until he went back over to the dark side.

Don’t believe me? Well, let me prove it to you. Johnson’s never really been a talented or prolific writer, so he tends to pump out short snippets in his posts. Here are some of the quips he’s made about the people opposing the Ground Zero Mosque over the last week or so,

Nancy Pelosi is calling for an investigation into who’s funding the Bigot Brigade.

I must admit, I was holding out hope that George W. Bush would speak out in favor of freedom of religion and against the tide of bigotry. You know, like he used to? After all, his administration actually sent Imam Feisal Rauf overseas to promote America in Islamic countries, so Bush would have to back him now, right?

No dice.

Finally! A Republican politician who isn’t diving into the Muslim-hating gutter: Crist backs Obama on controversial Islamic center.

Oh, wait … that’s right. Crist was purged from the Republican Party as a RINO.

Captain America #102, June 1968: The Sleeper Strikes!
ARTS | Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 12:08:33 am PDT

Tonight’s near-mint condition cover from the Lizard Collection: issue #102 of the new Captain America series, which began with issue #100. It’s especially relevant in light of the many sleepers we have seen awaken at LGF since the “Ground Zero Mosque” nontroversy began. (This one I added just for the comedy value. Imagine how surprised those eeeeevvvviiillllll “sleepers” must have been to be banned for opposing the Ground Zero Mosque — at Little Green Footballs of all places.)

The LA Times has the complete text of President Obama’s long-overdue statement on freedom of religion, the US Constitution, and the tide of prejudice that has risen up against the Cordoba House project and other mosques across the nation.

Eric Cantor Joins the Bigot Brigade
POLITICS | Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 9:47:06 am PDT

It’s just unbelievable; the entire Republican Party is signing on to the “Ground Zero Mosque” freak show, even people who have been known in the past to speak out against bigotry – like Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA): Cantor on the Ground Zero mosque.

Cantor is clearly aware that his opposition to the Cordoba House violates American freedom of religion, but hey! I mean, come on! These are Muslims we’re talking about!

Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The New Flavor of the GOP
POLITICS | Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:15:48 am PDT

Politico’s Ben Smith has been collecting statements from possible Republican presidential candidates about the Park51 project (please stop calling it the “Ground Zero Mosque,” people – it’s a deliberately misleading phrase coined by bigots), and it’s a disturbing snapshot of the current state of the GOP.

Give him another year and Charles Johnson will probably be doing a fundraiser for Hamas so they can battle against “Israeli imperialism.” Ha, ha, ha…I’m sort of joking about that…sort of.

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