Wii-Stripping & Talking Fetuses: The Feminist Left Reacts to the Union Thug Assault on FreedomWorks’ Tabitha Hale

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The patriarchy is afoot! How else to explain the feminist Left’s conspicuously absent outrage after a male union member assaulted FreedomWorks staffer Tabitha Hale in Washington, D.C. this week?

As steadfast defenders of women, surely feminists spoke out about this act of aggression against a 5′ 1″ woman and her uppity smartphone. But it’s the damnedest thing. I’ve combed through the feminist blogosphere, and days later, I still can’t find a single mention of what happened to Tabitha. Shocking, I know.

In all fairness, feminist activists have far more important things to write about than a union member smacking a conservative chick in the face with his protest sign. Check out some of the pressing women’s issues occupying the feminist blogosphere the day after the attack:

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Jezebel explored how to make crafts out of cat hair (a topic of grave concern to all women) and highlighted the joys of Wii-spanking, Wii-stripping, and Wii swinger parties.

Shakesville continued the vital intellectual work of analyzing Glenn Beck’s book, The Overton Window. (In case you were wondering, chapter 38 is as “murky as a wet fart.”)

Everyone’s favorite FGM apologist Amanda Marcotte joined New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman in decrying the Great Oatmeal Swindle of 2011. Apparently dum-dum Americans think convenience foods are…wait for it…convenient. Idjits.

Slate‘s Double X blog tackled Ben Franklin’s appreciation of cougars, and bemoaned the media’s failure to spot the connection between the Tea Party and the icky Christian Right.

A blogger at Tiger Beatdown channeled her inner fetus for the day to mock pro-life ideas about personhood.

Last name: Fetus! First name: Grizzly! GRIZZLY! FETUS! GRIZZLY! FETUS!

Yeah. A talking fetus named Grizzly. She went there.

And a Feministing blogger indulged in a little mockery of the “box” ‘do sported by Kid of Kid ‘n Play. We’ll give Courtney a pass since she’s clearly lost track of what decade it is.

Is it possible the feminist blogging community didn’t hear about this act of violence against a conservative woman?


Coverage of the attack on Tabitha wasn’t limited to just a few blogs in the rightosphere. After Michelle Malkin broke the news, the story was linked or reported by Instapundit, RedState, The Daily Caller, The Washington Examiner, Salon, Slate and Wonkette. Kinda hard to miss.

But Tabitha’s conservatism renders her unworthy of support from the feminist Left. She’s the wrong kind of woman. And even if she knew the Super Secret Sisterhood Handshake, there are dozens of leftist causes that trump support for women in the hierarchy of leftist politics. Unions make the cut (along with cat hair crafts and policing the nation’s oatmeal intake).

For the Womenâ„¢ my ass.

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