Wow! Even Ariana Huffington is Calling for Holder’s Resignation

Wow! Even Ariana Huffington is Calling for Holder’s Resignation

Liberals don’t care about people, they don’t care about the country and they don’t care about right and wrong, but they do care about protecting liberalism. As long as they think you’re helping the cause, you can do no wrong, but the moment you become a hindrance, it’s under the bus you go.

Ariana Huffington

Eric Holder is getting an up close and personal look at the business end of those wheels right now courtesy of Arianna Huffington on This Week.

I mean we’ve called on Holder to resign. There’s no way Holder can continue to do his job as tainted as he is been and as arrogant as he has been about what his department has been doing when it comes to the press.

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As a black liberal who works for the Obama Administration, Eric Holder was practically immune to criticism from the Left. He could have fed a Tea Partier feet-first into a shredder and Arianna would probably have called it a “distraction” if there wasn’t too much of a public outcry, but this is different. Not only did Holder make liberals look bad, he went after people in a profession that’s dominated by liberals.

It was a big mistake and it would have probably already cost him his job except that Barack Obama is probably terrified that Holder will be back in six months with a book. That’s how it goes in D.C. You get fired, you write a book, make as much money as you can and try to rehabilitate your reputation by trashing the people above you for your mistakes.

The way it’s going now, you can probably expect that book from Holder some time in 2014.

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