Obama’s Nonanswers to Excellent Benghazi Questions

Charles Woods is the father of ex-SEAL Tyrone Woods, who died at Benghazi after being abandoned by the Obama Regime. He presented the Prevaricator in Chief with four questions:

1. Why did the president not give “cross-border authority” to rescue the 30 Americans that needed to be rescued?

2. Who made the decision to “stand down,” and when and why was that decision made?

3. Is it true that General Ham was relieved from duty for refusing to follow the order not to rescue?

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4. If the president’s child had been in Benghazi, would the rescue attempt have been more aggressive?

Obama responded with evasions, lies, and questionable assertions:

On that tragic day, I directed my national security team to do everything possible to respond to the attacks against our people and facilities in Benghazi. The United States Government considered a range of options and deployed additional military capabilities, but as our military leaders have said, the military forces needed to carry out the type of operation you describe were not close enough to have made a difference. Please know that my actions would have been the same if the attack had been against my own family. The sad truth is that attacks happened so rapidly that U.S. forces could not arrive in time to prevent the loss of our brave Americans.

Breitbart debunks this crapola point by point, for anyone tempted to take it even half seriously.

Woods should have asked Shrillary, who was Secretary of State at the time, and whom the media has evidently selected as our next president. Her response would have been more succinct, far more heartfelt, and no less informative:


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