The Top 25 Most Clicked Linkiest Links For 2009

25) TopTenz: Top 10 greatest military achievements that changed the face of war (Link corrected)

24) Cracked: 6 ridiculous sex myths that are totally true

23) Izismile: 53 pictures taken at the right moment (Link no longer valid)

22) Imgur: The best gamer girlfriend ever in a single pic

21) Daily Mail: A bit of all white: Rachel McAdams makes revealing turn in a VERY low-cut dress

20) theChive: This chick is famous in Russia for all the right reasons (23 Photos)

19) theChive: Stupid is as stupid does (25 photos)

18) Viral Footage: Video: Hilarious hot chick dancing in a club!

17) Manofest: 25 incredibly slutty wedding dresses (Link Invalid)

16) LA Weekly: Embarrassing concert photos you never want tagged on Facebook

15) theChive: Your outfit it’s, um …not good (15 photos)

14) theChive: Girls who belong to ‘lower back problems’ Facebook group (21 photos)

13) Buzznewsroom: Best reaction ever to a flashing (This is a little risque, but I could not stop laughing at it)

12) Viral Footage: Video: The only woman who has ever made watching soccer enjoyable for me

11) Banned in Hollywood: 15 great moments in caught ya lookin’

10) Photos That Changed The World: Photos that changed the world (some of these are a little obscene or violent) (Link invalid)

9) Guyism: 7 annoying photograph poses that prove you’re a douche

8) Chicago Tribune: The 10 worst films of the last decade

7) Super Tremendous: The 25 most ironic photos on the internet

6) Sister Toldjah: Sarah Palin’s “flight suit moment” (W/pics)

5) theChive: Chicks are crazy all over the world. (22 photos)

4) Unemployment Mentality: Everything you need to know about the layoffs in one funny pic

3) Izismile: Sex symbols when they were young…and now! (13 pics)

2) Viral Footage: Video: Man sets up a video camera to catch his girlfriend eating his food and finds a homeless woman has been living above his kitchen. (Holy crap!!!)

1) Lamebook: Snuggies and Twilight

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