Central America Could Follow Venezuela Down the Drain

Central America Could Follow Venezuela Down the Drain

The cancer metastasized from Cuba to Venezuela. From there it spreads further. Left-wing candidate Salvador Nasralla, who apparently lost the November 26 presidential election in Honduras to center-right incumbent Juan Orlando Hernández, is belligerently contesting the results.

In the USA, they quack forlornly about Russian collusion. Here’s how leftists take defeat in Honduras:

When the electoral tribunal did not give the victory to Mr. Nasralla immediately, he called for rebellion. His supporters have blocked highways with burning piles of debris, destroyed cars, trashed storefronts, set highway tollbooths ablaze, and rampaged through the residential neighborhoods where electoral authorities live.

Refusal to accept the election results reportedly came at the direction of former President Manuel Zelaya, who was thrown out of the country in 2009 after trying to set himself up as a dictator, despite efforts by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to keep him in power.

Once back in the driver’s seat, Zelaya, Nasralla, et al. may not need to worry about elections anymore:

The process is simple: win one election, then consolidate power and never leave. The strategy has been successful in Nicaragua, where Sandinista Daniel Ortega has been in power since 2007. He is as corrupt as any caudillo and has handily put an end to political pluralism, competitive elections, transparency and institutional independence.

The situation is not much better in El Salvador:

Former leftist guerrillas of the FMLN party, who are also allies of Venezuela, have governed since 2009. The party moderated its image to get to power, but last week the party secretary announced that its goal is to end capitalism—including the right of private property.

To the delight of progressives, the squalor, misery, and tyranny that characterize socialist Cuba and Venezuela creep ever closer to our back door.

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