Liberal Protester Tries Punching Trump Supporter… Gets a BRUTAL RESPONSE! [VIDEO]

Liberal Protester Tries Punching Trump Supporter… Gets a BRUTAL RESPONSE! [VIDEO]

So, a Trump supporter goes to an ANTIFA rally… (NSFW, strong language.)

Just this week, Leo Stratton took a camera down to Chapman Square in Portland to talk to some Antifas. In Oregon, like so many other places in America, the Antifas look like a cross between kids who have never filed a tax return and adult babies who believe minimum wage should be $50 an hour.

This group in particular, the “Oregon Students Empowered,” give credibility to the idea that attending a university should be year-round and require a lot more homework, instead of kindergarten-grade holding pens that run from September to April.

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Anyway, let’s start out with the most satisfying act of violence you’ll see all day. Yes, hitting people is wrong, violence is bad, keep your hands to yourself, but this kid did start the fight by attempting to shove the man in the neon, “In God We Trust” t-shirt, before taking a dive into the pavement.

After watching the entire video twice, the best bits are the ones where the women who look like they believe in 63 different genders, hide behind a phalanx of “men,” all the while threatening other men with violence. It’s bonkers.

So, who was the man in the “In God We Trust” shirt and why was he down there? Well, after hearing that Antifa would be at the Square, the Patriot Prayer, a Vancouver, Washington-based group posted the event on their Facebook page and caused a few of their followers to head on down to make sure that the communists would not injure any of the freedom-loving citizens that Antifa might target.

As posted on their page:

Antifa Members are protesting the fact that their comrades were arrested on May Day for rioting. There will be a small group of us watching and hopefully talking with them. Patriot Prayer supports their right to protest as long as the break no laws INCLUDING blocking traffic. All are welcome to join but please do not come if you can not control your temper. This is not a rally or a march.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch the clip of that kid getting into a shoving match he was sure to lose a few more times.

h/t Louder with Crowder

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