Maxine Waters Tells Americans: Housing ‘Is a Necessary Human Right’ [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters Tells Americans: Housing ‘Is a Necessary Human Right’ [VIDEO]

Auntie Maxine is at it again. Her target this time? Ben Carson and HUD. At a HUD oversight hearing this past Thursday, Representative Maxine Waters, D-CA, attacked HUD Secretary Dr. Carson and President Trump, insinuating that Carson is incompetent.

She said, “In the face of the immense housing needs in our country, President Trump chose Dr. Ben Carson to serve as the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The secretary of HUD is supposed to be at the forefront of our efforts to create strong communities; expand access to safe, decent and affordable housing; and enforce fair housing rights.”

She continued, saying “Housing is the foundation on which our entire society is built. It is a platform for economic mobility and well-being. It is a crucial part of our national economy. It is a necessary human right.”

And she rudely concluded, “We need strong leadership and a bold vision for HUD in order to expand access to affordable housing in this country. Unfortunately, I have seen nothing to indicate that Secretary Carson is up to the challenge.”

Dr. Ben Carson, nonplussed as always by the frenetic frantic hysterical tactics of the Democrats and the American Left, responded, saying, “spending more taxpayer dollars does not necessarily create better outcomes.”

He continued, making the point that, “We must constantly evaluate our programs to ensure that we are delivering services effectively and efficiently to HUD’s constituents and responding to today’s challenges with the best practices and technologies.”

And in a statement representative of Dr. Carson’s excellent character, he informed the committee and the vitriolic Ms. Waters that he believes HUD must “reform our programs and remain careful stewards of taxpayer dollars.” That concept is foreign to Waters, who, as a longtime Democrat sees taxpayer dollars as a fund to spend however she wants with no thought as to good stewardship.

Bravo to the ever unflappable Dr. Carson. Auntie Maxine can certainly test the limits of any reasonable person. But let’s break down something Waters said, that is extremely troublesome. She made the statement that: “Housing is the foundation on which our entire society is built.” Wrong. The FAMILY is the foundation on which our entire society is built, not housing. As the family unit goes, so goes the nation. If it’s healthy, our nation is healthy. If it isn’t, we are in trouble. And if Waters wants to truly help those who need it, she can start promoting marriage instead of irresponsible sex leading to far too many out of wedlock births to single parents, and she can start promoting intact families instead of crazy broken up homes with kids having no dad. Three of the greatest predictors of poverty are; failing to complete high school, having children while under the age of 20 and having children outside of marriage. Single parents with no high school education are headed to one place; poverty.

So, Auntie Maxine, how about you take your one-percenter self and stop claiming that housing is a right and start working toward what should be the reasonable expectation of every child; an intact family with mom and dad married to each other. You’ll see poverty decrease and the ability to afford housing increase exponentially. Housing is a need, not a right. But the traditional family unit is an absolute necessity.

And let’s talk about you insinuating that Dr. Carson is incompetent. He’s done more in his lifetime than most will ever do. He’s brilliant. He’s reasonable. He’s polite. Unlike you. And he’s doing a great job at HUD.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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