Socialism Pays Off Big for Crony Capitalists in Venezuela

Why do so many rich people support socialists like Obama? Are they really willing to give up their comfy lifestyle for an ideology that most of them are smart enough to understand has zero validity? No. To understand the limousine liberal, look to the Third World model for Hope & Change, post–Hugo Chavez Venezuela:

The new owners of Venezuela’s Globovisión television live in expensive homes, drive luxury cars and splurge on visits to Miami despite the network’s commitment to advancing former President Hugo Chávez’s 21st century socialism.

Despite? Given a better understanding of oligarchical collectivism, they would have said “because of.”

The sale of Globovisión was a big blow to the Venezuelan people, for it shut down the last channel that challenged the government’s censorship of opposition media.

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The news channel’s programming changed dramatically during the weeks after the sale, and prominent journalists resigned when the new owners tried to impose a gag rule.

The new owners are Raúl Gorrín and Gustavo Perdomo, who own $multimillion mansions in the swank Cocoplum district of Coral Gables.

Gorrín, who is also the majority shareholder of the Venezuelan insurance company Seguros La Vitalicia, has made efforts to demonstrate in Venezuela that he supports the ideals of 21st century socialism, which advocates a less capitalistic and more equal society.

“More equal” for crony capitalists like Gorrín, Warren Buffett, et al. means all us little people get to be more equal to peasants, while they get to be more equal to the gods on Mount Olympus. This corruption is wrapped in sanctimonious rhetoric and depicted as “humanism” to dupe idiots into accepting it rather than rebelling.

Under economic liberty, people become fabulously wealthy by providing goods and services that are of high value to others. Under socialism, they become just as wealthy by sucking up to the government and doing its bidding — in this case by replacing opposition media with MSNBC-style statist idolatry. An added benefit of this arrangement is that regulation is specifically designed to keep competitors from emerging with a better or more reasonably priced product.

We all know which type of society produces a higher standard of living for the masses. Venezuela’s economy is in a shambles.

But for elitists who yammer about their allegiance to the masses while privately despising them, socialism pays off big time:

Gorrín and Perdomo own several properties in Cocoplum, one of South Florida’s most expensive areas, with two of them valued at more than $4 million each, according to the documents obtained by El Nuevo Herald.

One of the properties, the one used by Gorrín and his family when he visits, is located at 144 Isla Dorada Blvd. and is valued at almost $4.4 million.

The property, with five bedrooms and six baths, has access to the bay and a small berth to dock yachts.

Perdomo owns a house that’s 6,203 square feet, acquired in October 2011 for $3.5 million by Magus Holding II Corp, in which Perdomo is listed as director.

According to Zillow it is now worth $4.48 million.

The [socialist version of] entrepreneurs also drive luxurious vehicles, including a Mercedes SUV, an Audi Q7, a Ferrari and a Maserati Quatroporte. Some of the cars are valued between $100,000 and $200,000.

The owners and their families also use their time in South Florida to shop at exclusive stores, including the Gucci and the Carolina Herrera boutiques.

In December, sources said they spent tens of thousands of dollars in clothes and other items.

The bigger Big Government, the bigger the payoff when you have a seat at the table.

On a tip from R F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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