Ted Cruz: Let’s Hope Fidel and Raul Castro Join Hugo Chavez and Die Soon

One of the greatest oddities and surest sign of ignorance on behalf of my generation is the phenomenon of a certain chicness in radical ignorance. So often, as I walked around the campus of one of the most liberal colleges on the west coast, I would see Che Guevara merchandise. His oh-so-defiant glare stared back at me from posters in dorm rooms and tee shirts adorned by ignorant hipsters that showcased their rebellion and nonconformity in the exact same fashion as all the other Pacific Northwest hipsters who never worked a day in their lives.

Though less frequently, I would also see the occasional red shirt with a hammer and sickle adorning it. It’s nauseating to see someone enjoying freedom by wearing a symbol that flew over an empire that inflicted untold carnage, death and destruction upon its own citizens and the world- never mind the fact that the Soviet Union menaced our very existence for decades.

If I were a betting man, I would put a month’s wages that these ignorant fools could not tell me five facts about the Soviet Union or what Che Guevara’s role in the Cuban Revolution was. I have long suspected that they saw the poster or tee shirt, thought it was “cool,” and then, ironically, paid money for their product in a free market system to advertise the merits of Communism.

Still, nonetheless, as disgusted I was by the amalgamation of ignorance, conformity and the advertisement of ill-considered collectivist ideology, I never said a word. If anyone would have asked, I would have told them my thoughts. But in America, a man must be free to wear a hammer and sickle, a white hood or any other stupid adornment so long as their actions are lawful while wearing their garb.

Still, the reason I note this is that there is a trend of rehabilitating the images of despots. Ignorance runs rampant and with this next generation never remembering the world prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, commies are no longer despicable.

Hugo Chavez is dead. Allow me to break up this leftist love-fest and remind everyone that he was a socialist despot who despised America and was an enemy to freedom. While apologists like Sean Penn and Jesse Jackson seek to coddle the image of Chavez, habitual-truth-teller Senator Ted Cruz had some fairly strong words for Chavez and his Commie cohorts: (emphasis added)

Senator Ted Cruz, who is of Cuban descent, attended the annual Cuba-Democracy PAC luncheon in Miami along with Senator Marco Rubio and gave one of the most profound smack-downs of Fidel Castro’s reign-of-terror that I have ever heard.

Cruz said that, “hopefully, in the not too distant future, Fidel Castro and Raul Castro will join Hugo Chavez, and all three will face the ultimate judgment.” Cruz later referred to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as “murderous thugs” of the past and the present day.

Cruz then quoted former President Ronald Reagan’s famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” statement in front of the Brandenburg gate, in addition to Reagan referring to the Soviet Union as the “Evil Empire.”

Cruz then concluded by suggesting that America needs a “President that will stand up today and say, Mr. Castro, let the Cuban people go. Mr. Castro, open up the ballot box. Mr. Castro, empty the jails.”

In an age where our American president can continually clamor about the successful “not paying their fair share” like a Bolshevik preaching to workers about to storm a factory with torches and pitchforks, this country has become far too willing to rehabilitate the image of dictators. Thankfully, we have Americans like Ted Cruz who are unafraid to confront the liberal narratives.

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