BREAKING: Released Footage From Concert Attendee As Vegas Shooter Opened Fire – WARNING: Extremely Sensitive Content

BREAKING: Released Footage From Concert Attendee As Vegas Shooter Opened Fire – WARNING: Extremely Sensitive Content

We can now confirm that videos uploaded early this morning show the moment that the Mandalay Bay shooting began.

So far today, over 50 people have been killed and over 400 have been injured at a country music concert held outside of the Mandalay Bay resort on the Las Vegas Strip last night. The Strip has been shut down.

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0:00 Footage begins. Jason Aldean is on stage.

0:07 Loud fire can be heard.

0:17 Song ends.

0:27  Woman in crowd heard saying, “Oh my God, get down, stay down.”

0:53 Fire starts again.

1:20 Fire starts again. Crowd panics and screaming becomes more intense.

1:37 Man can be heard yelling to get “behind the stands.”

1:55 Man yelling, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, don’t push! Don’t push!”

The video footage was taken by an unknown concert goer and posted by Josh Caplan of the Gateway Pundit. It was posted at 11:09 pm last evening, local time. By the time of this writing, just before 8 am local time, it has over 15,000 retweets.

Caplan then posted a 0:49 second video, which appears to be secondhand footage showing a Snapchat video with the overlaid text, “I’m safe this was scary”:

0:00 Footage begins with the front of Mandalay Bay clearly in view. Concert goers are crouched on the ground.

0:07 Fire starts. Crowd crouches low again as people scream.

0:25 Woman seen crouching over another, yelling, “I know I know, but I have to stand up! You’ve got to stand up!”

0:35 Man says, “We’re going to get trampled if we don’t go.” Crowds run away, many holding hands.

Then, another video at 0:28 seconds in length from another concert goer shows the crowd crouching as they try to decide whether they should stay crouching or run:

0:00 Crowd is crouching.

0:02 Fire starts.

0:11 Fire ends, man yells, “Where is that f**ker?”

0:19 Woman next to male camera operator says “F**king go!”

0:22 Camera operator says that they can’t go yet.

0:25 Man yells, “Someone’s hit! Somebody’s hit!”

Here’s what we know about the shooter so far:

Stephen Paddock is a 64 year-old local who has been described as “somewhat of a professional gambler.” He opened fire into a crowd of approximately 40,000 people from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. He had over ten guns as well as cameras set up to watch for the police. He checked into the hotel on Thursday, September 28th. Before a SWAT team could access his room, he shot himself in the head. His girlfriend has been detained and released after being determined to no longer be a suspect in the shooting. Reports on her involvement in his life are unconfirmed.

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