An Anti-Gun Reporter Tried to Buy AR-15 for a Story — Then the Background Check Came In…

An Anti-Gun Reporter Tried to Buy AR-15 for a Story — Then the Background Check Came In…

Well, well, well…how the tables have turned. A Chicago reporter was feeling left out, everyone was testing gun stores and making a story about it, after Orlando. So, he proceeded to join the bandwagon. The results? For him, pretty embarrassing. Didn’t he know, no one looks good on a bandwagon?


From the Independent Journal:

Sun Times columnist Neil Steinberg said he planned with his boss to make a temporary purchase of an “assault weapon,” though at first he had some misgivings:

“[I]n my editor’s office, I had ticked off the reasons for me not to buy a gun: this was a journalistic stunt; done repeatedly; supporting an industry I despise. … my qualms melted as I dug into the issue.

I don’t plan on keeping this gun a second longer than I have to for this column.”
Steinberg also admitted he was a little fuzzy on gun laws.

His experience also showed him that the gun store went by the book:

“He immediately asked for my FOID card — Firearm Owner’s Identification Card — no gun purchase without it.”
Apparently, Steinberg had an FOID card, because he continued to talk about guns with the sales rep as he looked skeptically at the “grizzled” patrons inside the store.

Steinberg made this observation:

“Being fact-based I know, you buy a gun, the person you are most likely to shoot, statistically, is yourself. And your family.”

Later he tossed off another “fact” when he marveled that the gun shop was making him fill out a form 4473 — a federally required back ground check:

“40 percent of gun transactions in the U.S. have no background checks.”

Steinberg went home that day thinking it was all over, he had bought a gun, learned a few things, and that was that.

Then he got a call…

At 5:13 Sarah from Maxon called. They were canceling my sale and refunding my money. No gun for you. I called back. Why? ‘I don’t have to tell you,’ she said. I knew that, but was curious. I wasn’t rejected by the government? No. So what is it? ‘I’m not at liberty,’ she said.”

At this point, Steinberg thought for sure he was denied because he was a reporter. How he figured that? Who knows. However, the truth always comes out and this was his…

The gun store expanded upon its rationale on its Facebook page:


If you are interested in the reason…here you go:

A few hours later, Maxon sent the newspaper a lengthy statement, the key part being: “it was uncovered that Mr. Steinberg has an admitted history of alcohol abuse, and a charge for domestic battery involving his wife.”

That seems like the best part of the story, but my favorite part is the support the gun store received after this hoax of a purchase….and then how Steinberg responded on twitter.



HAH! Before it was gun stores being way too lax on who they give guns to. Now he’s changed his tune to them being too strict? Beautiful.

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