AWESOME! Liberals Slam Rachel Maddow For Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory [VIDEO]

AWESOME! Liberals Slam Rachel Maddow For Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory [VIDEO]

I think we’ve finally discovered that the left has boundaries for their rhetoric and all it took was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow trampling over them in a hate-fueled rage.

Liberals are embarrassed by Maddow’s latest conspiracy theory and not even identity politics can save her now. Yes, you know you’ve messed up when the people who would normally defend you based on your gender, sexual preference, race, ethnicity, or even political identity are either silent or on the side of those criticizing you.

Perhaps this is a sign from God that she needs to shut her pie hole until she has something educated to say?

During her usual monologue, Maddow said something that had even the dependably liberal Huffington Post penning an article entitled “What The Hell Was This Rachel Maddow Segment?” and it was pretty glorious.

You see, everyone’s favorite progressive shill decided that our soldiers were killed in Niger because of… you guessed it, Trump. More specifically, the President’s travel ban and it’s introduction of Chad onto the list of countries with restricted or temporarily banned immigration. But apparently Maddow doesn’t known a map or a globe, or she would have realized that Chad and Niger are nowhere near each other.

Laura Seay, an assistant professor of government at Colby College, called Maddow’s little conspiracy theory “crazy” and expressed shock that this made it through Maddow’s researchers.

“Everybody that I know is appalled by this,” Seay said in an interview with HuffPo. “I would like to think that Maddow’s researchers are more responsible.”

After receiving some pretty intense scrutiny from her own side, Maddow took to the air the next day to kind of backtrack/kind of double-down. The most notable thing was that she didn’t apologize or issue a retraction for anything she said, which is clearly false.

Visiting fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations Andrew Lebovich took to Twitter to publicly criticize her and it was pretty brutal.

The New Yorker’s, Janet Malcom, called The Rachel Maddow Show “sleight of hand presented as a cable news show. It is TV entertainment at its finest.”

It’s really not surprising that Maddow would just make things up as a way to pin this tragedy on Trump, but it does a really good job of proving how desperate the fringe left is to blame Trump for any and everything that happens around the world. If you ever wanted to know what delusions look like, MSNBC is your destination.

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