MORE Bad News for CNN – It Just Keeps Getting Worse…

MORE Bad News for CNN – It Just Keeps Getting Worse…

Is it possible that CNN is on their way out? Lots of conservatives would love to say yes, but the liberal-leaning news giant has the staying power of a barbecue stain on a wedding dress.

After this month, though, their ratings and credibility have taken a serious hit. One that might be just enough to put the dishonest journalists out of business.

For those not keeping score, CNN has now had to let 5 people go after they attacked Trump. Kathy Griffin, Reza Aslan and three veteran journalists who penned an article falsely linking Trump to Russia.

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To top it off, Project Veritas released a video that shows a CNN producer acknowledging that the Trump-Russia collusion story is “mostly bullsh*t” and that the media giant was only pushing it for ratings.

Unfortunately for CNN, they aren’t getting the kind of attention they were hoping for.

From The Daily Wire:

For instance, on Tuesday, over the course of the day, CNN was only able to attract a measly 670,000 viewers. For context, MSNBC nearly doubled this number; Fox News nearly tripled it. CNN has almost always lagged a bit behind MSNBC in total viewers, but not like this.

These numbers are even worse than Monday’s where CNN was only able to attract 726,000 viewers.

How terrible do you have to be that people would prefer to watch MSNBC to your channel? That should be the ultimate insult right there.

But it gets worse:

Over the entire second quarter of 2017, looking at total viewers, only one CNN program placed in the top 20 of all cable news shows, and that was Anderson Cooper’s 360, which landed with a thud at number 20. For perspective, a repeat of Tucker Carlson’s Fox New hour attracted more viewers than any show on CNN.

Furthermore, throughout this same quarter, CNN lost to MSNBC in total and primetime demo viewers. This is the first time since 2014 that CNN has lost that demo crown to its leftwing rival. In total viewers last quarter, among all cable news channels, Fox News placed first, MSNBC third, and CNN is all alone in tenth place, just barely ahead of Investigative Discovery, a second-tier offshoot of the Discovery Network.

CNN has sold its soul (and journalistic integrity) in order to be able to bash on Trump for things they don’t even believe are real. Luckily, the free market is taking care of them, courtesy of We the People.

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