CNN Calls Black Conservatives “Mediocre Negroes” – Sheriff Clarke Has Just RESPONDED! [VIDEO]

CNN Calls Black Conservatives “Mediocre Negroes” – Sheriff Clarke Has Just RESPONDED! [VIDEO]

There’s nothing liberals hate more than a conservative who also happens to be black. See, to them, minorities of any kind — black Americans, women, Hispanics — are all supposed to stay in line and think in lockstep with liberals. Wandering off the plantation is strictly not allowed. But CNN took it way too far in attacking these black conservatives and Sheriff David Clarke didn’t waste any time slamming them for it.

sheriff clarke

There are a number of black politicians willing to work in the Trump administration, while black celebrities have been willing to meet with Donald Trump, such as Kanye West and Steve Harvey. CNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill was infuriated by this and went on the attack, calling them, “a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative (sic) campaign against black people.”

At least one member of the panel called him out for that statement, but another backed him up.

Meanwhile, Sheriff David Clarke — who supports Donald Trump — saw the segment and fired back on Twitter.

Hill tried to defend his remarks, saying that he was “only” referring to Trump’s Diversity Coalition… as if that somehow makes it better?

So basically, Hill’s point is that if a black American does not behave as Hill wants them to behave, has political beliefs that he does not agree with, then they’re a “mediocre negro.” And there’s nothing at all racist about that, right?

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