CNN Host Reza Aslan Lied About Using Foul Language to Describe Trump

CNN Host Reza Aslan Lied About Using Foul Language to Describe Trump

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you know that some pretty big stuff has gone down, including CNN host Reza Aslan calling President Donald Trump a “piece of s***” on Twitter. Classy, huh?

Well, that tweet has since been removed and replaced with a less-than-honest apology from Mr. Aslan, who claims that he “lost his cool and responded to [Trump] in a derogatory fashion.” He also claimed that it wasn’t “like” him to use such language.

But the Internet begs to differ.

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Here is Aslan’s pathetic excuse for an apology:

A quick perusal of his tweets paints a different picture.

Co-founder of The Federalist, Sean Davis is exposing the disgusting underbelly of Reza Aslan:

This is exactly who Reza Aslan is; he’s a tiny, hateful individual who expresses himself the only way he knows how – calling people with whom he disagrees a piece of s***. It’s not surprising to me that CNN has someone like this on their payroll, because their employees have long histories of saying and doing extremely questionable things especially when it comes to coverage of Republicans. They have made no secret of their desire to push back against President Trump, when their job description requires them to be objective and unbiased when reporting the facts. (Yes, the REAL facts, not those annoying little “alternative facts” of which they are so fond.)

We should not accept this kind of disgusting rhetoric from “respected journalists” who have some sort of influence over the opinions of the American people. And before anyone squawks about “Freedom of Speech,” I’ll remind you that the First Amendment protects you from the government, not from the influence of public opinion. What you say may not be criminally punishable, but it may (and in this case certainly should be) punishable by your employer.

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