CNN’s Cuomo Has Meltdown: ‘This Whole Thing Is Fake’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s Cuomo Has Meltdown: ‘This Whole Thing Is Fake’ (VIDEO)

CNN has had a rough couple of weeks and cracks in the foundation are starting to show. They’ve gained a reputation of being “fake news” and apparently, it’s led to some major insecurity. Case in point? Anchor Chris Cuomo totally lost his cool and exploded on-air.

Cuomo was interviewing Republican Sen. Ron Johnson about the Senate GOP healthcare bill, which Johnson opposes. But Cuomo seemed to forget that basic fact and began yelling at Johnson about “fake news.”

Johnson pointed out that the numbers being used to attack the bill were not the correct figures. “We need information, and the debate on this thing has been completely distorted using incorrect information,” he said. And Cuomo immediately lost it.

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“I know you’re not suggesting that I’m using misleading information, right?” he asked. “You let me know what I’m saying that is inaccurate. Because this whole ‘fake’ thing needs to end, and it needs to end right now! You tell me what I’m getting wrong, or we’ll deal with the number as the CBO is putting them out.”

Johnson, of course, never said anything about “fake news,” but evidently, that’s the first place Cuomo’s mind went. But Johnson tried to stay calm and reassure the frazzled anchor. “I’m not accusing you,” he explained. “I’m talking about the fact that people don’t understand the 22 million was a wrong baseline.”

Johnson was trying to explain that the CBO — the Congressional Budget Office — had used an outdated baseline to make their prediction that 22 million people would be uninsured by 2026 under the Senate GOP bill. But Cuomo immediately assumed that it was an attack on him and on CNN. There seems to be some major insecurity underneath the surface there for Cuomo to make such an assumption without anything whatsoever to back it up.

CNN, it seems, is completely falling apart.

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