ESPN Injected Liberalism Into Their Sports Coverage & Now They are Paying a Terrible Price

ESPN Injected Liberalism Into Their Sports Coverage & Now They are Paying a Terrible Price

ESPN has been in big trouble for a long time. Ratings have dropped and while part of that is due to TV viewers cutting their costs by dropping extra cable channels, there is also a good amount of evidence that ESPN has done this to themselves. How? By pushing a liberal agenda and They haven’t even bothered to hide it. And they’re paying for it now.

ESPN’s domestic subscribers have been dropping. They lost their prime time ratings win to Fox News. And Monday Night Football’s ratings dropped by 12%. Now, ESPN is forced to take action, with serious layoffs being announced.

The layoffs include multiple columnists, reporters and analysts. Others who are being allowed to stay are finding that their roles at the network are being diminished.

What kind of liberal bias has ESPN been engaging in that could be so bad as to alienate viewers? Well, the list is quite extensive. Bruce, also known as Caitlyn, Jenner, was given the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for heroism, decades after winning Olympic gold and long after his athletic career was over. The network endorsed Black Lives Matter at the ESPYs. Conservative commentator and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was fired for not supporting transgender bathrooms. Barack Obama was given a “First Fan” award for the network’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tribute. They covered Colin Kaepernick’s boycott of the National Anthem with sympathy. And they favorably covered the Women’s March on Washington, which didn’t even have anything to do with sports at all.

No wonder viewers have been jumping ship. People don’t watch ESPN to be preached at by sanctimonious liberals. There’s no reason for a sports channel to be dabbling in politics to begin with and now it’s coming back to bite them.

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ESPN executives should keep this in mind as they see their network crumble around them. They’re not victims here; they’re architects of their own destruction.

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