FAKE NEWS ALERT: No, the Bombs DIDN’T Cost $314 Million

FAKE NEWS ALERT: No, the Bombs DIDN’T Cost $314 Million

The news that Donald Trump approved a massive bombing in Afghanistan caused no small amount of controversy. The MOAB — Mother Of All Bombs — is the largest non-nuclear bomb in the United States military arsenal and it obliterated tunnels ISIS was using to attack government forces, without killing any civilians. It would seemingly be a successful operation, but liberals have been busy spreading fake news about the cost of the bomb.

Liberals have never seemed to care much government spending, but now that Donald Trump is president, they’ve suddenly grown fiscal backbones. They can’t seem to make up their minds, though — they complain about Trump’s spending on travel, while also complaining about him cutting government spending. Which is it, liberals?

And of course, a successful military operation isn’t something liberals can give Trump credit for. So they’ve latched onto the idea of cost. Here is just one example of countless tweets sent whining about MOAB being too “expensive”.

Multiple news outlets reported that the bombs cost $16 million per unit to develop, or $314 million total. There’s just one problem: no one knows what the actual cost of the bomb is. It was developed by the military itself, not a private defense company. The cost per unit isn’t even something the Air Force has kept track of, according to a spokesperson. Instead of building a new bomb from scratch, the Air Force used existing technologies and hardware.

What actually did cost $314 million was the 5,300 pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), or GBU-57, a completely different weapon altogether that was developed by Boeing.

Hilariously, the source the liberal media is using for the cost of the bomb is none other than crazy conspiracy theory site InfoWars, but even InfoWars included the caveat that the information in the report deserved no small measure of skepticism.

Liberals should really be embarrassed of themselves right about now.

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