HAH! Watch Rachel Maddow CRY Over FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

HAH! Watch Rachel Maddow CRY Over FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

The FBI has decided to re-open the investigation into Hillary’s e-mail scandal. It’s an incredibly damaging October surprise, especially as FBI director James Comey is under intense pressure to not let Hillary walk free this time. But the media is having a hard time coming to grips with the news… perhaps none more so than Rachel Maddow, who actually cried when she reported the information.


Liberals have been devastated to learn that more e-mails were found on Huma Abedin’s laptop, who is married to disgraced politician Anthony Weiner. There isn’t much of a way to spin this in Hillary’s favor. So what did Maddow do? She cried.

“But in political terms, Democrats in support of Hillary Clinton are reacting to today’s news mostly with anger… specifically, with anger and bewilderment at the FBI, for how they handled this today, and for this decision to send this remarkable, inflammatory, content-free letter,” Maddow said. Because new evidence in an investigation is “inflammatory?” What??

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Maddow wasn’t done yet, though.

While interviewing a guest on the Hillary situation, Maddow had to put on a fake smile as she fought back tears. She then expressed her outrage and disgust that the results of the investigation wouldn’t be finished until after the election, meaning that people would potentially vote under the impression that Hillary Clinton is guilty. “Remarkable,” she quipped.

No, what’s remarkable, Rachel, is your complete and utter inability to even pretend that you possess a modicum of objectivity and impartiality.

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