Here’s What CNN Did To Trump That They NEVER Did To Hillary

Donald Trump has certainly used the media to his advantage during primary season, depending on them to carry him to victory. They did — but anyone who is familiar with Republican primaries knows that as soon as primary season is over, the media will quickly become his worst nightmare. And it’s already happening.


From Young Conservatives:

CNN apparently feels it needs to add captions at the bottom of the screen to fact check GOP front runner Donald Trump as he gives speeches, now. The cable news network recently added a screen caption correcting Trump as he gave a speech where he mentioned Japan.

The screen caption–called a chyron in the TV industry–appeared underneath Trump on June 2 as the real estate mogul was heard insisting he never said Japan should be allowed to assemble its own nuclear arsenal for protection against China.

As Trump was saying he never said Japan should have nukes, the CNN chyron added “(HE DID)” to its caption.

Or what if Hillary says she never said she was “under sniper fire” when she visited Bosnia? If she denies she said this back in 2008, will CNN add “(SHE DID)” to its screen caption?

You know, it’s crazy, but this is exactly the kind of thing #NeverTrumpers have been warning about during the entire primary season! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to nominate such a horrible candidate. The media was going to do this regardless of who the candidate was going to be, of course, but it was profoundly stupid to nominate such a joke of a candidate, who gives the media vultures more ammunition than any liberal could ever hope for.

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