Ignorant CNN Reporter Mocks Trump for Helping McConnell… Then Finds Out He Had Polio [VIDEO]

Ignorant CNN Reporter Mocks Trump for Helping McConnell… Then Finds Out He Had Polio [VIDEO]

Monday, after a press conference, President Trump helped Mitch McConnell up the stairs. It turns out that McConnell had Polio as a child and has a hard time negotiating stairs. I’m not a huge fan of McConnell’s by any means, but you don’t make fun of something like that. It was touching that Trump helped him that way… it was thoughtful. Leave it to CNN to snark something totally thoughtless and just downright mean. A reporter named Daniella Diaz tweeted out: “That hand-lock between Trump and McConnell, though,” Diaz said. Some reporter she is… she never even bothered to wonder why that happened. It wasn’t age-related, it was a physical condition. Where’s the caring from the left over impairments like this? Nowhere.

Diaz is getting massive blowback over this, just as she should. It was a petty swipe at the two men. She loved mocking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for getting help from the President. He survived childhood polio and made an impressive career for himself. Then some no-name reporter jabs at him over it. It’s despicable. Trump and McConnell were there to patch up their differences.

Diaz’s colleagues at CNN pointed it out to her, knowing the hell-storm that was coming over social media after the remark. Manu Raju tweeted that, “McConnell is a polio survivor, a reason why stairs can be tricky at times. McConnell often goes up a step at a time, sometimes needs railing for assistance. This time, used Trump for balance,” he added. McConnell has served in the Senate since 1984. Back in 1990, during a re-election campaign ad, he told voters in Kentucky how he had contracted polio as a child. “When I was a child and my dad was in World War II, I got polio. I recovered, but my family almost went broke,” McConnell said.

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McConnell told PBS last year that he caught the disease during “a big polio epidemic” in 1944, a decade before widespread introduction of the polio vaccine that mostly eradicated the disease. “And it hits you like the flu, and then, when the flu went away, you could have all different kinds of outcomes, from dying to complete recovery. Happily enough, we were one hour’s drive from Warm Springs (Georgia), where President Roosevelt had set up the polio treatment center,” McConnell said. “My mother took me over there. They trained her how to do a physical therapy regimen and said, ‘do it four times a day.’”

McConnell should be admired for rising above his brush with polio, not ridiculed for it. I can’t imagine contracting it or my children going through that nightmare. McConnell stated that “it had to have been an early lesson that tenacity and hard work and sticking to it that I learned from my mother, and I have tried — applied that over and over again throughout my life.”

Diaz has not taken down her tweet over this, which is just disgusting. I’m sure those that hate Trump and McConnell showered her with praise over the tweet. I hope she chokes on it. Diaz should have known about McConnell’s condition if she’s been a reporter for any length of time at all. Heck, she should have looked it up to see if there was something that explained McConnell needing help before tweeting a snide comment like that. So far, I haven’t heard that she is in trouble for it either by CNN. Figures. As long as it hurts conservatives, CNN doesn’t care. They relish it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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