Illegal Alien Accused of Brutally Murdering Muslim Teen… MEDIA IGNORES!

Illegal Alien Accused of Brutally Murdering Muslim Teen… MEDIA IGNORES!

News broke this weekend that Nabra Hassanen, a 17 year-old Muslim girl living in Virginia, was the victim of a brutal murder. Immediately, the assumption was that she was targeted and that the murder was a hate crime. But now, new details have come to light blowing that narrative to pieces.

Police were able to determine that 22 year-old Darwin Torres, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was the person responsible for killing Hassanen. And they also announced that, rather than being a hate crime, this was an incident stemming from nothing more than road rage.

Hassanen and her friends, all Muslim teenagers, had eaten at McDonald’s and were walking back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), to attend an all-night event in celebration of Ramadan. They soon noticed that they were being followed by a man in a car — none other than Torres, who allegedly became enraged because some of the teens were walking in the road. Torres then jumped the curb in his car and then got out, wielding a baseball bat. The teenagers ran away, but Torres was able to catch Hassanen and beat her severely with the bat.

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Hassanen was beaten to death and Torres then dumped her body into a nearby pond.

“This tragic case appears to be the result of a road rage incident involving the suspect, who was driving and who is now charged with murder, and a group of teenagers who was walking and riding bikes in and along a roadway,” police said in a statement. “Our investigation at this point in no way indicates the victim was targeted because of her race or religion.” Still, if any evidence surfaces proving that the teens were targeted because of race or religion, additional charges could be filed against Torres.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have placed a detainer on Torres, requiring that he is turned over to federal immigration officials if he is released from local custody at any time.

What do you think his punishment should be?

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