MSNBC Sets Themselves Up To Look Like TOTAL IDIOTS! [WATCH]

MSNBC Sets Themselves Up To Look Like TOTAL IDIOTS! [WATCH]

MSNBC no doubt has been one, if not the worst offender of the hypocritical media out there. They along with all the others will go to great lengths to try and destroy any credibility the Trump administration has, and they’ll do it in the most ridiculous ways imaginable.

There was just a segment aired today on the desperate news outlet and it introduced a petition from Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona in the form of the Center for Biological Diversity. You see, the wall can’t be built because, well, just watch:

According to the demands of this bogus Congressman, construction of the Trump wall cannot start until Trump gives the go ahead for an environmental impact study, because “numerous endangered species will be impacted.”

MSNBC Live host Craig Melvin went even further to try and give the Congressman some sort of credibility on the matter and had Animal Planet host Jeff Corwin, another environmental nutcase, come on and claim that a southern wall that would protect American HUMANS…would be “an unprecedented environmental catastrophe.”

Are you serious? Unfortunately, yes.

And that’s when Melvin actually thought of a basic, obvious question to out Corwin and his gross over embellishment of the effects of the wall: ‘Wouldn’t [the birds] just be able to fly over the wall?’

Corwin first stumbled through by giving some repeaters so he could come up with an adequate answer… It just sounded worse.

“Certainly many animals that fly can migrate over that wall. But many animals actually stay quite low. Many of these animals – for example birds and bats – actually are passing close to the ground surface because they are heading towards plants for pollination, or seeds that they eat, or fruits.”

Birds manage to fly up to trees larger than the proposed wall, Jeff. I think it’s safe to say that you are just another wack job like all the other environmentalists on the left.

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