OOPS: HuffPo CAUGHT Deleting How-To Guide on Ignoring the Constitution, Replacing Trump

OOPS: HuffPo CAUGHT Deleting How-To Guide on Ignoring the Constitution, Replacing Trump

The Huffington Post is known to run some crazy articles and they’re also known for a not even remotely hidden liberal bias. But a recent article they posted was so crazy, it had to be removed.


The article was written by Richard Greene, who describes himself as a “Master of Charisma,” a “former attorney” and the author of a “coffee table book,” as well as a former fellow at the “Constitutional Rights Foundation.” Yet somehow, he still was able to write some insane anti-constitutional drivel.

How crazy was it? The Huffington Post, of all outlets, took it down a few hours after publishing it. But unfortunately for them, the Internet is forever. Here’s the headline:


“If you would like someone other than Donald Trump to be President of The United States, now is your chance to make that happen,” Greene wrote.” A flood of persuasive phone calls to Congresspersons and Senators before Congress votes at 1 pm Eastern on Friday, January 6 is all it might take.”

How does Greene believe this could happen? By claiming that some of the Republican electors violated state requirements and the United States Constitution? Remove those electors and Trump doesn’t get elected, according to Greene.

But how does Colin Powell get dragged into this scheme? “If all 13 states with a Democratic majority of Congresspersons vote for Colin Powell (realizing it is futile to vote for Hillary) he is halfway there and only 13 of the remaining 37 Republican States would have to vote for General Powell for him to become The 45th President of The United States,” he explained.

Greene then urged readers to call Congress and pressure them to reject the 50 “illegal” electors and vote instead for Colin Powell to be president. (You can read the entire article here.)

It may be obvious, but this is never going to happen. And why the Huffington Post editors let this insanity get published to begin with is beyond difficult to understand.

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