OOPS! Washington Post CAUGHT Changing Their ANTI-IMMIGRATION Headline

OOPS! Washington Post CAUGHT Changing Their ANTI-IMMIGRATION Headline

It’s no surprise that the media doesn’t approve of Donald Trump or his agenda, but what is in question is just how far their hatred of Trump goes. The Washington Post could be a good case study in this question: originally, they posted a headline that could be seen as critical of illegal immigration; then, it was changed to look critical of Donald Trump. Too bad for them they got caught.

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An article written by Caitlin Dewey explored the issue of illegal immigrants getting rid of their food stamps, for fear that it made it easier for immigration officials to find them and deport them. The original headline read, “Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them.” It was changed to, “Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them.”

The change was quickly called out on social media.

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So the change was made to make it appear that illegal immigrants would be going hungry… why, exactly? The paper itself admits that “the evidence is still anecdotal — and The Washington Post was unable to speak directly with immigrants who chose to cancel their SNAP benefits.” Then there was this little tidbit: “While none of the SNAP regulations have changed, President Trump’s immigration agenda has raised fears they may change in the future.”

The entire story is, in essence, made up, but the Post ran it anyway and changed the headline to make it appear worse for Donald Trump to boot. Freedom of press is a good thing, but so are journalistic standards. Maybe if the media tried reporting without their bias, people would trust them more.

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