Rachel Maddow Makes A TOTAL Idiot Of Herself, Leaves America Laughing At Her When She Says This… [VIDEO]

Rachel Maddow Makes A TOTAL Idiot Of Herself, Leaves America Laughing At Her When She Says This… [VIDEO]

Facepalm. SMH. Rachel Maddow is just simply a leftist idiot. Now, she is trying to claim that President Trump is responsible for the collapse of Venezuela. She blames donations to his campaign. No, Rachel… that would be communism that has done that. But since Maddow loves communists, she’s got to blame someone and Trump is handy.

Maddow began her report by discussing a Mic.com article about National Security Officials, along with Trump’s Chief of Staff Steve Bannon meeting with businessmen with ties to Trump’s family in order lift sanctions on Venezuela. These sanctions were put in place by the previous administration in 2014 after 43 protesters were killed in a government crackdown. Not long after this meeting occurred, Venezuela’s state run oil company donated $500,000 to Trump’s campaign. Maddow discusses Venezuela’s unrest, with footage of rioters and protesters fighting and marching in the streets, with the caption: “unrest in Venezuela over Trump donations” displayed at the bottom. This is a massive stretch for even the likes of Maddow. And wasn’t that before the government seized the oil companies? Even so, how does that translate into the collapse being Trump’s fault?

From Young Conservatives:

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You may have been following the massive protests that have been occurring in Venezuela. There hasn’t been as much coverage as there should be, in part perhaps because protesters actually coming out against socialism isn’t a concept American media likes to cover.

The poor people have been starving and the country is on the verge of collapse.

Hundreds of thousands have been protesting the socialist government of President Maduro for weeks.

But MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow figured out the real cause for the protests on her show last night and who the true culprit was. Here’s the chyron from her show.

Trump did it!

Here’s the video from her show, relevant part starting at 5:40.

“This is a country that should be a rich country,” Maddow says. “But people are literally starving.”

“There have been weeks and weeks and weeks of rioting and violent protests,” says Maddow. “And now today, Venezuelans are enraged anew by this brand new FEC filing from the White House, which shows … while Venezuelans have been rioting in the streets, while there have been acute food shortages and medicine shortages in Venezuela.” Funny, I haven’t heard the outrage from Venezuelans over this… I’ve heard they are blaming the dictator who is arming his private army and killing them.

Not once does Maddow mention the socialist policies of the Venezuelan government. Not once. It’s the seizure of private business that is causing food and supplies shortages. It is the greed and corruption of a dictator gone mad. It is the heavy handed control of the communists in Cuba who now own Venezuela. But what it isn’t is Donald Trump’s fault, you sea hag. To blame Trump for what is going on in Venezuela is revisionist propaganda and it is evil. The people in Venezuela are asking for Trump’s help. That money donated to Trump’s campaign means nothing. But what the dictator there is doing to the Venezuelan people means everything. Pray for Venezuela. It looks a lot like Syria did six years ago.

As John Hawkins says in his new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, you are not a victim. The people will have to continue fighting back to get their country back. But they sure could use some help down there.

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