Sally Kohn Says Dems NEVER Used Nuclear Option, Except…

Sally Kohn Says Dems NEVER Used Nuclear Option, Except…

Donald Trump scored a home run by nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a move applauded by conservatives. Gorsuch also had no problems being voted in as a federal judge before, including by Democrats. But now suddenly, Democrats are trying to filibuster the nomination, forcing Republicans to use the “Nuclear Option.” According to liberal media shill Sally Kohn, Democrats have never done something like this… except for when they have.

Mitch McConnell announced that he planned to kill the filibuster, causing immediate outrage from Democrats like Ben Cardin and Jeff Merkley. Sally Kohn also took to Twitter to engage in a little revisionist history:

Right, Democrats would never use the “Nuclear Option.” Except for four years ago, when they did just that. Cardin and Merkley didn’t complain then and Kohn had nothing but praise for that move:

In the linked CNN article, Kohn argues that the “Nuclear Option” is necessary in some circumstances. “The Democratic Party’s vote Thursday for the ‘nuclear option’ was a move to deprive the minority party in the Senate of a procedure it has abused to block President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees and other appointees,” she wrote. “Before, a single Republican could unilaterally and without any reason block a nominee from receiving a simple up-and-down vote on the Senate floor.”

Did she really just forget about the Democrats using the “Nuclear Option,” or is she deliberately trying to cover up for them? Chances are, it’s the latter. But once again, we have a media hack openly showing their bias and obfuscating the facts. It’s no wonder people don’t trust the media anymore.

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