After What Shepard Smith Just Did On AIR, People Are Calling For His TERMINATION With Fox News [VIDEO]

After What Shepard Smith Just Did On AIR, People Are Calling For His TERMINATION With Fox News [VIDEO]

Shepard Smith (Photo by Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage)

Shepard Smith (Photo by Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage)

It is not abnormal for news organizations to oppose Donald Trump. In fact, he was one of the most contested nominees most Americans have seen in their lifetimes. He is put down and misrepresented all over the news. And now we are seeing it from Fox News. But Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith, may have had a good point. I don’t know whether to feel surprised or refreshed that Fox is looking into Trump’s actions as president, but many aren’t so happy with him questioning our president.

The anchor said: “The president’s assertion is false… The White House knows that it was false or could have known that it was false with a quick Google check, but either did not do so or decided not to tell the truth.”

To look into the exact situation that he is referencing, check out Western Journalism who explains the full context.

Or watch the anchor here:

Was he really out of line though? Many stand by his side insisting that his job is to report news and ask questions. The First Amendment, which ensures the freedom of the press, also forces accountability on the government and its officials. And isn’t that exactly what we want to see take place?? So, can we really feel justified in getting angry at a Fox News anchor for disagreeing with the actions of the President, Donald Trump? This is what makes our nation strong and safe.

Smith spoke to this specific point and focused on Trump’s attempt to discredit news anchors or stations that disagree with him. Saying, “Don’t listen to those who are reporting accurately, listen to our false assertions.”

“There is a danger in a republic with something like that,” the anchor argued. “You start to believes things that are not true and you follow someone who is leading your astray for reasons that have nothing to do with you.”

Smith added that people “often migrate to [news sources] where they are going to hear what they already think.”

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