SICK! Liberal Journalists Celebrating The DEATH Of FOX News Founder Roger Ailes – PUBLICLY!

SICK! Liberal Journalists Celebrating The DEATH Of FOX News Founder Roger Ailes – PUBLICLY!

Fox News founder Roger Ailes passed away on Thursday morning, shocking those who watch Fox as well as journalists around the country. What should have been a solemn time to remember his contributions to the world of reporting turned into a circus after liberal “journalists” began publicly celebrating his death.

That’s right, they were celebrating the passing of a man whom they only hated because he started a network that refused to pander to the liberal narrative. That should tell you everything you need to know about these people.

Huffington Post’s senior politics editor attacked Ailes like a buzzard on a coyote carcass.

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Others jumped in, seeing their opportunity to trash a dead man.

This just proves that liberals don’t waste a second trying to bash any and everyone who doesn’t happen to agree with their political beliefs. It’s unbelievable that the people who brand themselves as the “tolerant” and “compassionate” party can get away with saying these kinds of things and nobody within their own ranks is going to call them out on it.

What makes it even worse is knowing that if the founder of NBC or CNN died and conservatives did anything but cry profusely and send their condolences, we’d be made out to look like monsters in the mainstream media who are just so intolerant of other viewpoints that we need to insult a dead person just to feel good about ourselves. I can assure you that these “journalists” would be positively outraged if someone mocked the death of their outlet’s founder. Unfortunately, their standards only apply to us and not to themselves.

Hopefully, none of these people will ever have to go through what they’re putting the Ailes family through right now. It is shameful and disgusting, and their mothers should have taught them better.

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