Smug CNN Anchor Tries to Insult Trump… Makes a FOOL of Herself! [VIDEO]

Smug CNN Anchor Tries to Insult Trump… Makes a FOOL of Herself! [VIDEO]

The mainstream media is definitely in the tank for Hillary Clinton, so they take every opportunity to insult Donald Trump. But sometimes, they just end up insulting themselves instead. Brooke Baldwin, a host on CNN, tried to discredit Donald Trump’s plan for Congress… and ended up being the butt of the joke instead.


Baldwin is a finalist for the Peabody Award, one of the highest awards that a journalist could receive. Apparently, being a Peabody Award finalist doesn’t require much actual knowledge. Trump recently announced that, as president, he would institute term limits for Congress. Baldwin retorted that, duh, Congress already has term limits!

Wait, what?

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He says, ‘If I’m elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress,’ correct me, there already are term limits, so what does he mean?

No, Brooke. Congress does not already have term limits. Perhaps you should brush up on your Politics 101 before trying to pull a gotcha live on air.

And if anyone wants to know how we ended up with two such terrible candidates, this is how. The media is comprised of way too many uninformed liberals, who do their best to indoctrinate Americans with their far-left nonsense.

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