Time Magazine Wants To Know Why People Don’t Believe Their Deranged “Climate Change” Meme

What, are you skeptics and deniers stupid or something? Why won’t you believe that greenhouse gases have created the snowiest week 8 on record? Why won’t you believe that someone living a modern life is responsible for earthquakes and volcano eruptions, caused by carbon dioxide release? Why won’t you believe that greenhouse gas release by mankind causes everything? Big meanies! The Greening of the American Brain

It’s a question whispered by climate scientists and pondered by environmental activists: why don’t they believe us? When the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fourth assessment on climate science in 2007the one that called evidence of warming temperatures “unequivocal” – it seemed as if the scientific debate over global warming was essentially over. There would be disputes over how best to lower carbon emissions, how much money should be devoted to adaptation and just how severe future warming might be. But surely, we were done arguing about whether man-made carbon emissions were making the planet hotter.

Well, when you have the leaders and disciples of Gore refusing to match their lifestyles with their discourse, well, it is rather difficult to believe them. If your boss tells you that you need to do X, but never does it themselves, are they a hypocrite? Do you listen to them? If John Travolta whines about anthropogenic global warming, yet owns a huge home with its own airstrip and planes that he flies, do you believe him? If Michael Mann constantly whines about AGW, yet takes an unnecessary fossil fueled flight for a vacation in Hawaii, do you believe him? If Al Gore whines about man-caused global warming, but uses huge amounts of power, typically flies on private jets, and drives huge SUVs, do you believe him?

Apparently we’re not. The past few years have seen a marked decline in the percentage of Americans who believe what scientists say about climate, with belief among conservatives falling especially fast. It’s true that the science community has hit some bumps – the IPCC was revealed to have made a few dumb errors in its recent assessment, and the “Climategate” hacked emails showed scientists behaving badly. But nothing changed the essential truth that more man-made CO2 means more warming; in fact, the basic scientific case has only gotten stronger. Yet still, much of the American public remains unconvinced – and importantly, last November that public returned control of the House of Representatives to a Republican party that is absolutely hostile to the basic truths of climate science.

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The very fact that the Warmists have renamed it “climate change”, because global warming wasn’t working to well, should tell Time all they need to know. So should all the deranged “predictions” of doom and gloom 50-100 years out, yet, the same alarmists never pony up and make a prediction for this year. So should the fact that the Warmists say everything is caused by mankind’s release of greenhouse gases. Hot, cold, wet, dry, no matter what happens, it is the fault of AGW. Because the climate should stay stable, just like it has for the past 4.5 billion years on the planet Earth.

Look, if it is global warming caused by the release of greenhouse gases by mankind, there should be a consistency around the globe. Instead, there are huge variances. Hence, the change to “climate change” in order to introduce everything into their deranged and unscientific agenda.

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