Washington Post Delves Into Non-Issue Of Paul Ryan And Dennis Troha Donations

The Obama water carrying media is working overtime to provide the smear articles that have little basis in reality

(Washington Post) Democrats have wasted little time blasting Republican vice presidential pick Paul Ryan over his federal budget plan, but a more obscure part of his record could also draw attention: his relationship with a convicted Wisconsin businessman.

Ryan accepted nearly $60,000 in contributions from businessman Dennis Troha and his family, records show. Troha was later indicted on campaign finance charges over an Indian casino he sought to open. During the casino application process, Troha said, the Republican congressman called federal regulators at his request.

Ryan (Wis.) also supported a bill in Congress that benefited Troha and his trucking company, legislation that drew the interest of federal prosecutors because of the contributions Ryan and other congressmen had accepted from Troha and his family.


Ryan was not found to have violated any laws, nor was he a target or key figure in the federal investigation, people familiar with the inquiry said. He was among more than 20 politicians of both parties who benefited from Troha’s largess. Troha was convicted of funneling illegal donations to other politicians, not Ryan, and Ryan donated Troha’s contributions to youth programs when the businessman was indicted.

So, there was absolutely no wrongdoing? Then what would the Democrats have to attack on? The Romney campaign says this a “complete non-issue.” When Troha was indicted, Ryan donated all contributions to the Kenosha Boys and Girls Club.

It is unclear how far that part of the federal probe progressed, but people familiar with it said there was no indication Ryan was aware that he was receiving problematic contributions.

Yet, somehow, this is “problematic” for Ryan? Perhaps the Washington Post could do an investigation into Barack Obama’s dealings with convicted felon Tony Rezco. Perhaps they could illuminate us on Obama’s dealings with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers? How about the sweetheart deals Obama donors received for their “green” energy companies? Obama’s college transcripts?

Oh, here’s one that the could investigate: Fast and Furious, since the Washington Post has generally ignored the operation. What that comes down to is at least 2 murdered US federal agents along with 200-300 Mexican citizens, with scores more injured, and, instead of releasing all the documents, Obama slapped Executive Privilege on 90% of the requested documents, which must mean Obama knows about the program, and, as Chief Executive, that would mean those murders are at Obama’s feet.

Of course, all the studies show that people, especially on-line, tend to remember the tenor of the headlines and the first 3 paragraphs. Which was the point in putting the fact that Ryan wasn’t guilty of anything in the 4th.

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