Washington Post: Republicans Owe Capitol Police A Paycheck And Apology After Shooting

Apparently this will become a meme (at least for me) as the sorta-shutdown continues, with the Washington Post Editorial Board sipping the sweet sweet kool-aid of demagoguery. Remember, they aren’t “rabid partisans“, same as Senator Dianne Feinstein. This one gets even more non-rabidly partisan

In shooting near Capitol, government workers rush into danger

(Two paragraphs describing Capitol Hill shooting yesterday)

What seems beyond doubt is that Secret Service personnel, Capitol Police and probably many others rushed toward, not away from, danger – as they are trained to do and as Americans expect them to do. Inside Congress, aides took cover, traded anxious text messages and then went on with their work.

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Like hundreds of thousands of other federal employees, these are men and women whose contributions have been demeaned by the federal shutdown, who are being asked to work without, at least for the moment, being paid – and who are doing their jobs with considerably more dignity than the House of Representatives has mustered.

“We all owe the Capitol Police a debt of gratitude for their work every day; no finer examples of professionalism & bravery,” tweeted House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio). That’s true. But Mr. Boehner owes them, and the rest of the federal workforce, more than a 140-character message of thanks. He owes them a paycheck; he owes them a budget; he owes them an apology.

Good thing the WP Editorial Board took their time to get their facts straight. They might have done something like search and read on ye olde Internet.

The U.S. Capitol Police will be exempt from the furloughs, and House cafeterias are not likely to see closures because they are run by private contractors, though they could scale back their services if the customer volume decreases.

The WPEB isn’t alone in the meme without research that the Capitol Police aren’t being paid. You can find all sorts of media, blogs, and tweets playing this game.

PS: When’s the last time you saw hard-core Progressives enthusiastic over someone using a gun for its intended purpose?

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