Washington Post: The Common Thread In Gun Violence Is Guns!

The hell you say! The Washington Post Editorial Board is vexed by all the gun violence caused by guns. Not people, of course. They generally aren’t the problem. The guns just leap into their hands and lead the person under hypnosis, and pull their own triggers. This is probably one of the sillier, more meaningless anti-gun screeds, which is long on outrage (but only for certain shootings) and short on offering solutions

The common thread in America’s unacceptable carnage: Access to guns

THE 57-year-old man charged in the murderous shooting spree at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado allegedly made remarks to police about “no more baby parts.” That has led some to speculate that antiabortion rhetoric sparked the rampage. The suspect’s history of aberrant behavior prompted others to theorize that mental illness was the culprit. In the early stages of the investigation, we don’t know what, if any, role was played by either of these factors. In the meantime it is worth restating the obvious: The one factor common to every terrible case of gun violence is access to guns.

Got that? The access to guns is more important than someone being upset over Planned Parenthood slaughtering babies and him having mental issues, both of which we have no idea whether they were responsible. But guns!!!!!

So far this year, according to news reports collected by a Reddit community, there have been at least 351 mass shootings, or more than one a day. Those account for just a small part of the lives lost or damaged by gun violence. They don’t include, for example, in recent weeks the 6-year-old Georgia girl who apparently shot herself in the head after finding a loaded gun tucked in a couch, or the Ohio State University employee who shot himself in a campus art gallery, or the Tennessee woman murdered by her husband, who then killed himself.

The interesting part is that the WPEB never seems concerned about Black on Black violence, such as

FACT 3. Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.

Why is it that America’s leading news sources, the majority of which are Democratic Party leaning, ignore the problem in the Black community, which has lots and lots of gun violence, which occurs primarily in Democratic Party run cities, like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore? They always seem super concerned if there is a white person involved, but, otherwise, they couldn’t care less.

Nearly 300 people are shot every day in the United States in murders, assaults, attempted and successful suicides and unintentional shootings. The numbers are so appalling that they become numbing. Easy access to guns is a major threat to U.S. public health. It is also such a political challenge that the natural inclination is to move on to other topics: mental-health care, incendiary rhetoric, violent video games. We do not dismiss the importance of any of those. But we also believe the country should not lose focus on what makes us unique in the world: the senseless availability of, as President Obama referred to them, “weapons of war.”

Blaming mental health care, which Democrats have killed over the years. Blaming Free Speech. Except when it is Democrats with the incendiary rhetoric. Violent video games? Noting a comment at the article

Liberal media/film industry: “No, we’re not going to censor the gratuitous violence in our films, because we can’t be responsible for mentally unstable viewers who might emulate such actions.”
Liberal media/film industry: “Conservative politicians and gun rights advocates need to curb their rhetoric, because it’s inciting gun violence and it’s outrageous.”

How about all the nasty rhetoric aimed at Republicans, Israel, global warming skeptics, and conservatives in the opinion pages of papers like the Washington Post? Do they count?

The answers, as Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” aren’t easy or obvious, but he is right to demand a lot more thinking about issues associated with guns. “You know, “ he said, “I’m not willing to say, ‘Well, we will just have to sit back and accept this as a cost of freedom.’ ” The daily carnage cannot be acceptable.

And that’s it. They offer no ideas. Just outrage. Forgetting that violent crime has gone done over the past 40 years, while gun ownership has gone way up.

If only the WPEB would get half as upset over things like ISIS and Islamist violence.

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